Unlocking value in property

Property value unlocked

Value Australia leverages state-of-the-art data analytics and AI algorithms to unlock an interactive, reliable and transparent understanding of a property’s economic value and potential, in the context of its place.

Developed by experts in property data and AI

Value Australia is the product of a collaboration between industry, academia and government led by
a team of innovators at FrontierSI (a social enterprise with space and spatial expertise), the University of
New South Wales (UNSW) and PEXA.

Harnessing enriched property data and advanced AI algorithms, Value Australia provides highly
accurate and timely property valuations through its Automated Valuation Model (AVM).

Within seconds, the AVM considers multiple factors that impact property values, including socio-economics, infrastructure, environmental risks and local property market data, at both an individual
address and wider level.

UNSW Sydney

How Value Australia is revolutionising property valuation

More accurate

Scalable and dynamic

On-demand valuations at an individual property, a regional or portfolio level across the country.

Dynamically monitor portfolio performance and risk.

Identify areas of potential for future growth or development.

More comprehensive

Coverage and reliability

Increased confidence over a broader range of properties including higher value properties and non-metro areas, by considering:

  • Topography, shape, size, location and improvements
  • Proximity of services, amenities and infrastructure
More efficient

Scenarios and possibilities

Instantly evaluate the impacts of different scenarios on individual properties, regions and entire portfolio.

More flexible

Transparent and interactive

Provides transparency and auditability on the drivers of valuations.

Understand the property and its surrounds through a spatial lens.

An award-winning collaboration

An award-winning collaboration

Recognised for technical expertise in property analytics
and digital platforms.

Cooperative Research Australia Awards for Excellence in Innovation, Award for Research Commercialisation, 2023

Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Award for Innovation, Medium to Large Business, 2023

The Value Australia Project – SIBA/GITA Asian Pacific Spatial Excellence NSW Award for Innovation, Medium to Large Business, 2022

Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer (RAISE) Toolkit – PIA National Research and Teaching Excellence Award, 2021

Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer (RAISE) Toolkit – PIA NSW Research and Teaching Excellence Award, 2020

Smart Cities Industry Award – RAISE project, Committee for Sydney, 2017

Collaborations and contributors

Value Australia is proud to have worked with many organisations including multiple local,
state and federal government agencies and a leading financial institution.

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